Poet, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

I began writing and studying poetry in 2000 -- the 92nd
Street Y in Manhattan, NY, to this day, is still my favorite
place for workshops and readings; additionally, I've studied
privately with some renowned N.Y.C. poets.





The following is a list of some publications my poems have appeared in:


And Again Last Night (Indigo Dreams Publishing, UK, 2009)
Dawn Bauling and Ronnie Goodyer, editors. “Awake in Long Beach”

A World Rediscovered: A Collection of Contemporary Verse (Cyberwit.net, India, 2012)
Dr. Santosh Kumar, editor and Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agrawal, managing editor.
“Above My Grassy Bed” and “On Divining Sanctuary”

Common Boundary (Editions Bibliotekos, 2010) Gregory Tague, editor.
“Into the Light: Safe Haven, 1944”

Contemporary Verse of Myths, Fairy Tales and Legends (Local Gems Poetry Press, 2011)
James P. Wagner and Nick Hale, editors. “Catch-Up”

Crab Line Off The Pier (Indigo Dreams Publishing, U.K., 2010) Ronnie Goodyer, editor.
“I Remember the Zinnias”

Crossing the River: An Anthology in Honor of Sacred Journeys (Bibliotheca Alexandrina, 2013) Literata Hurley, editor. “Into the Light: Safe Haven, 1944”

Empty Shoes (Popcorn Press, 2009) Patrick T. Randolph editor. “Into the Light…”
“The House off the Beaten Path” and “This Parrot, Plucked” (as “Behind Bars”)

Found Undelivered (Earth’s Daughters, 2010) Janna Willoughby, editor.
“Mother’s Wishbones No Doubt”

Global Fusion Voices (Cyberwit.net, India, 2012) Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agrawal, editor.
“The S.E.C…”

Harvests of New Millennium (Cyberwit.net, India, 2009) Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agrawal, editor. “Across From Her Mirror,” “Awake in Long Beach”

Longest Hours: thoughts while waiting (Silver Boomer Books, 2013) Becky Haigler, editor.
“On Yet Another Birthday” and “My Leaving Machine is Well Oiled”

Long Island Sounds (The North Sea Poetry Scene, 2008, 2009) Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan, editor. “The Barber” and “A Changing Heart”

Mizmor L’David Anthology Volume I: The Shoa (Poetica Publishing Company, 2010)
Michal Mahgerefteh, editor. “Into the Light: Safe Haven, 1944”

Nurturing Paws (Whispering Angel Books, 2011) Lynn C. Johnston, editor.
“You Mean the World to Me”

Overdone/Underplay (Medusa’s Laugh Press, 2012) Aileen Frisch and Patricia Flint, editors.
“A Great Stirring”

Pain and Memory (Editions Bibliotekos, 2010) Gregory Tague, editor.
“I Ate My Mother’s Hair,” “Logan Square East…” and “The Bird and I”
(as “A Good Stiff Breeze”)

PAUMANOK 11: Poems and Pictures of Long Island (Cross-Cultural Communications, 2013) Kathleen Donnelly, editor. “I Never Saw Anyone Actually”

Perspectives 2 (Local Gems Poetry Press, 2012) Marc Rosen and James Wagner, editors. “Keeping Busy,” “Overcome”

primal sanities! a Tribute to Walt Whitman (Allbook Books, 2008) Walter E. Harris III/aka Mankh, and George Wallace, editors. “Into the Light: Safe Haven, 1944”

Retail Woes (Local Gems Poetry Press, 2013) Nick Hale and Jillian Roath, editors
“Tender an Apology”

Rhyme & PUNishment (Local Gems Poetry Press, 2012) James Wagner/Nick Hale, editors. “His Aunt Anna, A-Z”

Songs of Seasoned Women (Quadrasoul, Inc., 2007) Patti Tana, ed. “For Want of Red,”
“I Ate My Mother’s Hair” and “Riding Past the Museum of Natural History”

Sounds of Solace: Meditative Verse (Local Gems Press, 2013) Nick Hale, editor.
“A Changing Heart” (as “Finding What Feels Good”)

Spectral Lines (Nazar Look, Romania, 2012), Taner Murat, founder/editor-in-chief.
“Coming in Second,” “I Ate My Mother’s Hair,” “I Never Saw Anyone Actually,”
“Into the Light: Safe Haven…” and “I Remember the Zinnias”

The Blinking Anthology (Blinking Cursor Literary Magazine, 2012) Samantha Rose, editor.
“I Never Saw Anyone Actually”

The Book of Ten (Zebra Publishing, U.K., 2009) Jeff Price and Annie Moir, editors.
“Logan Square East, Philadelphia, PA” (as “Ten Rittenhouse Square”)

The Vital Principle (SterlingHouse Publisher, Inc., 2011) Neil Garvey, editor. “Grandfather”

Toward Forgiveness (Writers Ink Press, 2010) Gayl Teller, editor. “Catch-Up” and “Mother’s Wishbones No Doubt”

(Un)Occupy Movement: Autonomy of Consciousness, Practical Solutions, Human Equality (Allbook Books, 2012) Mankh/aka Walter E. Harris III, ed.
“Red White & Blue and Other Colors”

Voices Israel (2008, 2009, 2010) Helen Bar-Lev, Michael Dickel, Sheryl Abbey, editors.
“The Barber,” “Contemplating Caring for a Porcupine,” “Into the Light: Safe Haven, 1944,” “I Remember the Zinnias,” “Mother’s Wishbones No Doubt”

Whispers & Shouts (Local Gems Press, 2012) Gail Goldstein and Judy Turek, editors
“Keeping Busy,” “Sundays,” “The Bloomingdale Fantasy”

Journals (print)

Adagio Verse Quarterly; Avis Magazine; Birmingham Poetry Review; Bohemia Art and Literary Magazine; Breadcrumb Scabs; Cake Magazine (U.K.); Poetry Letter & Literary Review; Chronogram Magazine; Chum Literary Magazine; Clockwise Cat (U.K.); Connecticut Review; Creations Magazine; Dawnteader (U.K.); Fishfood Magazine; Grey Wolfe Publishing--Legends Literary Journal; Ibbetson Street; Jabberwock Review; Illumem; Lilith Magazine; Midnight Circus; Mobius-The Poetry Magazine; Magnapoets (Canada); Pacific Review; Phati’tude; Phenomenal Literature (India); Poetica; Poetry Depth Quarterly; Punkin House Digest; Reach (U.K.); Sarasvati (U.K.); Southampton Review; SubTerrain (Canada); Taj Mahal Review (India); Vallum (Canada); The Aurorean; The Avalon Literary Review; The Quotable; The Poetry Band Company; The Wormwood Press; Verbal Art (India); Walt’s Corner/ The Long Islander Newspaper; Wordland 7: Mountebanks

Journals (online)

3 Elements Review ; Blinking Cursor Literary Magazine (UK) Boston Poetry Magazine; Canopic Jar; Clockwise Cat (U.K.); Cyclamens & Swords (Israel); Elite Critiques; Elohi Gadugi Journal; EMG-Zine; Ends of the Earth (EoTE); First Literary Review; If and If Only; Immagine & Poesia (Italy & France); Local Nomad; Magnapoets; Magnolia’s Press; Message in a Bottle (U.K.); Mgversiondeux Datura (UK); Menopause Press; MungBeing; Pandora’s Imagination; Podium Literary Journal/Unterberg Poetry Center; Poetry Bay; Quill & Parchment; riverabble; The 5-2: Crime Poetry Weekly; Section 8 Magazine; TellUsAStory.com; The Fifth Di…; The Human Genre Project (U.K.); The Muse-an Inter-national Journal of Poetry (India); The Phoenix Soul; The Quotable; Three Drops from a Cauldron (U.K.); TRIVIA: Voices of Feminism; Unshod Quills; Vapid Kitten; Walk Write Up

Featured Poet -- as seen and/or heard on websites:




for a Pushcart prize in October 2006, for poem “on yet another birthday”


Winning Writers' Margaret Reid Poetry Contest for Traditional Verse:
(2008) "Slipping into Red," "A Changing Heart" (as "Transition")
(2009) "On Divining Sanctuary"

Winning Writers' Tom Howard Poery Contest:
(2007) "My Life--the Reel Story"

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