Poet, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

What Some Well-Regarded Poets Have Said about My Books

Ruth Sabath Rosenthal’s Facing Home and beyond is bursting with life, teems with vibrant portraits of grandparent, mother, father, sister, husband, red-clad women and more. Poems skillfully focuson birth, sex, marriage, aging & death, while others often done with rich humor — center on food, animals, including parrot & porcupine, dreams, Whitman, Yeats and more. Here is poetry that throbs with vividly presented human experience.
~ Robert K. Johnson, Poet, Author, Former Editor,
Ibbetson Street Magazine

In Facing Home and beyond, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal reaches backinto the past relating important history, while mindful of the significance of the present. Her work covers a multitude of subjects, each given special attention. I hope you will be, as I was, filled and completely satisfied with Ruth’s storm of images.

~ Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan, Suffolk County Poet Laureate, Author

In Ruth’s poems, life is often a riddle or at least a source of puzzlement & paradox. Ruth’s keen perceptions help us better comprehend ourselves. We come to see life in a differentlight — enlightenment, that allows us to find and face our own home and go beyond.
~ Dr. David B. Axelrod, Laureate and Fulbright Poet, Author

Facing Home is no sentimental or nostalgic gesture for Ruth Sabath Rosenthal, but rather a tough-minded encounter with the subtle cruelties, the blind-spots, and the betrayals that all who have marked time within families will recognize. Though disappointment and loss are inherent in the terrain, any collection in which the cassette tape of a last phone message is preserved in a “velvet-lined box” speaks to tenderness as a counterweight to mortality. It is that ability to balance on taut lines, juggling a wry (and often punloving) wit with moral courage,that makes these poems triumphs of form & candor.
~ Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Poet, Author, Scholar, Historian

It is with passion and humor that Ruth Sabath Rosenthal dives into the complexit-ies of family life in her shining chapbook Facing Home. Forthright and fearless, vulnerable and tender, each poem illuminates an emotional moment between human beings. There's purity of purpose and daring here. Rosenthal’s boldness, insight, and lived earned wisdom embrace her readers with every line.

~ Molly Peacock, Poet, Multidisciplinary Author, Dramatist, Scholar

In book Facing Home and beyond, Ruth Sabath Rosenthal gives us well-crafted poems, which focus on the family in heightened stages of life. The poems are emot-ionally charged and complex and, at times, dark. With arresting titles, Ruth vividly presents the human experience with sensibility and humor.

~ Patti Tana, Poet and Author

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